Segunda Vez wins EMAF 2019 award

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N13: EMAF 2019 – Awards

News 29 April 2019

Thank you very much, dear, great festival audience! We are overwhelmed by the great response to our festival – it’s nice to know that the twelve months of work on the way there were worth it; that so many people participated in the EMAF and helped to make it a successful festival. A thousand thanks for that!

+++ Awards +++
On Saturday evening the prizes were awarded in the Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

The main prize, worth 3,000 euros, the EMAF Award for a pioneering work in media art, went to two artists this year: Dora García was awarded for her work “Segunda Vez / Second Time Around” (BE/NO 2018); Jaakko Pallasvuo, Antti Jussila and Jari Kallio for their film “Fruits of the Loom” (FI 2019).

“Segunda Vez” revolves around the figure of the Argentinean psychoanalyst Oscar Masotta, whose thinking and artistic practice had a lasting influence on the cultural life of his country in the 1960s until the Perón dictatorship forced him into exile. The International Jury – consisting of Graeme Arnfield (London), Branka Benčić (Zagreb) and Nicolas Feodoroff (Marseille) – gave the following reasons for their decision: “We are honoring the first work for its authentic way of winning over audiences in order to address the violent history of Argentina, which echoes in the contemporary moment, conceptually and politically. The film reconstructs and reproduces historical performances and leads us through a cinematic labyrinth of critical complicity”.

Jaakko Pallasvuo received the EMAF Award for “Fruits of the Loom” in Osnabrück. A communist and a capitalist fall in love. Together they try to escape society. Their child later questions their escapades. Here the jury judged: “In addition, we distinguish a sincere and humorous mixture of dry performance, theatrical dramaturgy, serious socio-political discourse, cinematic narrative trophies – dealing with optimism, despair, puppet play and wild originality”.