Segunda Vez review in Artforum

A product of the festival’s FIDLab and the international competition’s grand prix winner—and clear standout—was Spanish artist Dora Garcia’s assured and elusive feature Segunda Vez. With the Argentine author, artist, and psychoanalyst Oscar Masotta as its center of gravity, the film weaves between various texts, lectures, performance works, and archival objects, including two happenings (“Para inducir el espíritu de la imagen” and “El helicóptero”) and an “anti-happening” (“El mensaje fantasma”), all from 1966, as well as—in its final act—a dramatization of Julio Cortázar’s titular text, a Kafkaesque allegory of menacing bureaucratic control during the Argentine Dirty War. Through elliptical, recursive editing patterns, Garcia collates an extraordinary range of media, excursive material, and subjects in Masotta’s orbit—Peronism, Lacan, the dematerialization of the art object—but nevertheless retains a rigor and focus that nevertheless refuses to foreclose its seductively tentacular strands and interconnections.